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越境ECNov 22, 2023
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Hello, future cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurs! Today, we're diving into an essential topic in international shipping: volumetric weight. Understanding this concept is crucial for efficient and cost-effective logistics management.

What is Volumetric Weight?

Volumetric weight, also known as dimensional weight, is a calculated weight based on the size of a package. It differs from the actual weight (or gross weight) and is determined by the package's dimensions. This calculation is necessary because, in transportation, space is a premium commodity, and larger packages occupy more of it.

Calculation Method

The formula for calculating volumetric weight is [ Length(cm) × Width(cm) × Height(cm) ÷ Divisor ]. The divisor varies by carrier but is commonly 6000.

Volumetric Weight vs. Actual Weight

A crucial point for cross-border e-commerce operators to understand is that shipping costs are based on the greater of the two weights - actual or volumetric. For instance, if a package's actual weight is 2kg but its volumetric weight comes to 3kg, the shipping cost will be calculated on the basis of 3kg.

Why is it Important?

In cross-border e-commerce, the concept of volumetric weight directly impacts product pricing and shipping cost calculations. This is especially true for larger items, where the volumetric weight can significantly increase shipping costs, thus affecting pricing strategies and shipping policies.

Impact on Logistics Strategy

Understanding and accurately calculating volumetric weight is vital for optimizing logistics costs. By innovating in packaging, you can reduce the volumetric weight and, consequently, the shipping costs.


Did you get a grasp of the concept of volumetric weight? By keeping this concept in mind and smartly planning your logistics strategy, you can run a more efficient and cost-effective cross-border e-commerce business. I hope this information proves beneficial for your venture!


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