Cross-border Shipping Platform
for E-commerce

AnyLogi simplifies the complicated procedures of overseas delivery by issuing shipping labels and commercial invoices for multiple courier services.


Supporting D2C and E-commerce for Order, Inventory and Delivery Management

Through simple and intuitive UI, our platform allows D2C and e-commerce merchants to manage order, inventory and delivery information.


Conquer Barriers in E-commerce

Integrate your Shopify store with AnyLogi to automate logistics operations

Two simple steps to start using AnyLogi

  • 1Install the AnyLogi app on your Shopify store
  • 2Transfer products to partnered warehouses
Go to Shopify App Store

One-stop Fulfillment Platform Supporting Global E-commerce

AnyLogi not only suggests multiple optimal shipping plans in terms of shipping time and rates, but also quickly issues shipping labels and invoices required for international shipping.

Fulfillment Management Platform

All-in-one Fulfillment

From inventory management to delivery control, everything related with fulfillment can be effortlessly managed on this platform.


  • Order


    Easily manage and view comprehensive order details and payment confirmation status.

  • Delivery


    Precise delivery management with flexible support for splitting order bills and more.

  • Inventory


    Real-time management of registered items by status and available quantity.

Order Delivery Delivery


Clear Pricing

AnyLogi uses pay-as-you-go pricing based on order quantity. Number of stores and items do not affect pricing. Number of stores and items does not affect pricing.

Domestic Delivery Service

If you also use our affiliated warehouse's delivery service

Package Size Postal Package 〜1kg Size 60 〜60cm、〜2kg Size 80 〜80cm、〜5kg Size 100 〜100cm、〜10kg Size 120 〜120cm、〜15kg Size 140 〜140cm、〜20kg
Shipping Fee per item 410 JPY 720 JPY 820 JPY 920 JPY 1,150 JPY 1,450 JPY
Warehousing Fee 20 JPY / per piece,  180 JPY / per case
Storage Fee per tsubo (3.3 sqm) 6,600 JPY
Optional Fee

Long Distance Shipment:0JPY~2900JPY(depending on size) Multiple Picking : 25JPY

Bulk shipment:250JPY Wholesale shipment:180JPY

Included Item Picking:15JPY Platform Usage Fee(If you ship less than 500 items within a month):25,000JPY

*Partially subject to change depending on conditions of products handled and other factors. Please contact us for details.

Overseas Shipping Service

If you have your own warehouse and only want to use AnyLogi Overseas Shipping Service

Shipping Labels Fee 30 JPY / Shipment

10,000 JPY

  • Shipping Labels
  • Pickup and Return
  • Customs and Shipping charges

30,000 JPY

  • Shipping Labels
  • Pickup and Return
  • Customs and Shipping charges

50,000 JPY

  • Shipping Labels
  • Pickup and Return
  • Customs and Shipping charges


We support merchants at different scales in various industries.


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