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Improve international shipping efficiency

Elevate international shippings with our cutting-edge automation. Effortlessly compare shipping options by time and cost while generating shipping labels and commercial invoices from your chosen courier.

  1. 1Enhance efficiency in every aspect of your operations - time, quality, and shipping costs

    😭Before:It is difficult to set optimal pricing because shipping and customs fees vary widely depending on the weight of the product and destination. Setting too high a price may result in lost sales opportunities while setting too low a price will be a burden on the seller.

    😊After:With seamless integration to multiple couriers, you gain instant access to the ideal delivery plan based on estimated delivery dates and shipping fees. Effortlessly generate shipping labels and commercial invoices with AnyLogi.

  2. 2Complete processing of cross border shipping with AnyLogi

    😭Before:The flow of issuing commercial invoices differs depending on the courier, resulting in longer-than-necessary time required to handle overseas shipments.

    😊After:Automatic importing of order information, issuance of commercial invoices and shipping labels, pick-up requests, and returns can all be completed on AnyLogi.

  3. 3Improve customer satisfaction

    😭Before:When receiving return requests from overseas consumers, often have trouble entering addresses and requesting pick-ups from couriers, making it difficult to respond.

    😊After:The staff visits the buyer's home with a single tap to pick-up the item. Changing the return policy improves conversion rates (CVR) and enables easy return handling in unforeseen circumstances.


Integration with couriers

Issue shipping labels and commercial invoices from multiple courier services.

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • Japan Post

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