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Integrate quicky and automate your shipment processes

AnyLogi: Fully automated international shipping, from order receipt to customer delivery. Experience seamless operations with just one solution.


Features of AnyLogi

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    Manage several stores at the same place. Automatically import orders from each store.

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    Duties & Taxes

    Duty and taxes based on delivery plans from integrated couriers shown clearly

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    Shipping Labels

    Download shipping labels from couriers in a single click

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    Commercial Invoices

    Automatically share information including HS codes and country of origin with couriers to create custom documents

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    Make a bulk pickup request for multiple orders to each courier.

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    Handling Returns

    Arrange for couries to handle returns with customers

  1. 1Auto-import Orders

    • Integrate with Marketplaces

      Manage several stores in one place. Automatically import orders from each store or import orders using a CSV file

    • Integrate with Couriers

      Simplify your account opening and courier integration process on a single screen. Effortlessly compare shipping fees from multiple couriers and choose the optimal shipping method with ease.

  2. 2Proposing shipping methods based on speed and affordability making selection easy

    • Proposing shipping methods based on speed and affordability making selection easy

      Seamless integration to multiple couriers, enabling real-time visibility of shipping fees and duties directly to your e-commerce store. With automatic calculation and display of duties, buyers can conveniently choose to pay both duties and shipping fees, enhancing their purchasing journey

    • Automatic completion and issuance of shipping labels based on the shipping plans chosen by customers

      Once the buyer selects a shipping plan and completes payment, AnyLogi seamlessly generates shipping labels and commercial invoices based on the chosen plan. Simply print the shipping labels for international shipments, saving valuable time and reducing overall costs

  3. 3Issue shipping labels and commercial invoices

    • Download shipping labels with one click

      Download and print essential documents like shipping labels and commercial invoices with a single click. Upon completing the shipment, update the order status to 'shipped' instantly and send a notification email to the buyer, providing them with the tracking number

    • Instantly compare shipping costs and delivery time

      AnyLogi automatically presents a comprehensive list of selectable shipping options, complete with estimated delivery dates and shipping costs. Seamlessly select the most suitable plan while enjoying full visibility of all costs, including duty amounts for DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipments

  4. 4Request shipment pick-up

    • Bulk request for shipment pick-up

      Once the shipping label is issued and you're ready to ship, easily request courier pickup directly through AnyLogi. Enjoy the convenience of bulk pickup requests, allowing you to efficiently manage pickup arrangements for multiple orders at once.

  5. 5Handling Returns

    • Easily handle return requests

      Simplify your return handling process seamlessly. When a return request is received from a customer, easily enter the necessary information and the courier will promptly arrange a pick-up from the local buyer's home. Enjoy hassle-free returns, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your customers.

    • Reduce the cost of returns

      Even for handling returns, select the most suitable couriers and plans based on cost and timeframe

  6. 6Boost the growth of your cross-border e-commerce business!

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