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Streamlined International E-Commerce LogisticsGlobal Logistics Platform

AnyLogi provides e-commerce merchants with an intuitive management dashboard and integrations with domestic and international logistics partners, enabling optimization of product distribution, cross-border delivery and import/export operations.

AnyMind Group teams up with UPS in first-ever collaboration in Japan


Comprehensive support for e-commerce logistics

Streamline your logistics through a single dashboard and tap on AnyLogi's network of logistics partners across APAC and the world.

  • Local and international warehousing and distribution

  • Automated overseas shipping (issuance of invoices and display of duties and shipping charges)

  • Distribution across APAC


Conquer eLogistics Barriers

  • Real-time collaboration and management

    Automated real-time order confirmation, shipping & inventory across domestic and international e-commerce platforms.

  • Flexible and Fast Shipping Support

    Design and manage warehouse ops based on brand strategies for same-day and holiday shipping.

  • Custom Packaging Materials

    Design, produce and use custom packaging tailored to your brand strategy.

  • Display Tariffs and Shipping Fees

    Shipping and customs fees can be displayed on the payment screen, enabling the buyer to select preferred delivery routes.

  • Automated Translations

    Automated translation of shipping information to English and reflected on shipping labels and invoices.

  • Complete Customer Support

    Tap on dedicated staff with a background in logistics to respond to customer needs.

  • Support for Product Imports

    Support for overseas goods import through our partners.

  • Distribution Support

    Compliance with permits, approvals, laws and regulations required for distribution in APAC.


Our Clients


Warehousing and Distribution Support for APAC

AnyLogi facilitates e-commerce logistics, managing orders, shipments, and inventory across channels while supporting same-day and holiday shipping, seamlessly aligning with your brand strategy.

  • Improved Efficiency with AnyLogi

    Automatically link orders from e-commerce channels and automate processing until shipment, and manage warehouse operations by status.

  • Reduce Logistics Costs

    Reduce logistics and management costs by automating order management on AnyLogi and customizing logistics operations to align with your brand strategy.

  • Improve Brand Value

    AnyLogi adapts to shipping fluctuations during sales, ensuring timely deliveries, and boosts brand value and customer satisfaction with custom packaging and supplementary items.

Cross-Border Shipping

Automatically translate shipping details from e-commerce channels, issue necessary documents for international shipping, display fees and tariffs, and propose optimal routes based on time and cost considerations.

  • Fast, affordable, and easy delivery options

    AnyLogi is linked to multiple shipping carriers, enabling real-time display of shipping fees and tariffs. Customers can select the delivery method that suits them best.

  • Overseas shipping handled through AnyLogi

    Automated importing of order information, issuance of shipping labels and invoices, translation of shipping information, pickup requests and returns, through a single platform.

  • Return functionality for increased CVR

    With one click, you can retrieve purchased items from buyers. By simply changing the return policy, not only does it enhance CVR by reassuring buyers, but it also allows for easy returns handling in case of any issues.


AnyLogi Features

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    Integration with E-Commerce Channels

    Centralized channel management and automated order linking.

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    Status Management

    Real-time updates of orders, shipments and inventory.

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    Shipping label and Invoice Issuance

    Download shipping labels and invoices for each shipping service with just a click.

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    Customs and Shipping Charges

    Display shipping charges and customs duties for delivery routes on the e-commerce cart.

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    Incomplete Address Detection

    Detect incomplete info & stop automated delivery to that address.

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    Returns Handling

    Integrate with warehousing and shipping for seamless returns.

System Integration with E-Commerce Channels

Centralized channel management and automated order linking.

  • Shopify
  • 楽天
  • Qoo 10
  • Shopee
  • TikTok Shop
  • Lazada

System Integration with Delivery Services

Shipping labels and invoices can be issued for various international shipping services.

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • 日本郵便
  • 佐川急便
  • ヤマト運輸


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