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Cross-border E-commerceDec 24, 2023
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Beenos Announces 2023 Cross-Border E-Commerce Trends!

Beenos Announces 2023 Cross-Border E-Commerce Trends!

Changes in the Cross-Border E-Commerce Market in 2023

In 2023, the cross-border e-commerce (EC) market saw a significant increase in young and female users. According to the "BEENOS Cross-Border EC Hit Ranking 2023" released by BEENOS Inc., categories such as toys, hobbies, music, fashion, and figures were popular. The continuation of the yen's depreciation has promoted the purchase of Japanese products and expanded the consumer base, which was previously centered on men over 30.

Notable Categories and Trends

  • Celebrity Goods: K-POP related goods have grown significantly, with a 2.1-fold increase compared to the previous year. This reflects the global K-POP boom and Japan's cross-border EC market being recognized as a gateway for Asian content.
  • Music Genre: Merchandise related to artists listed on Spotify's "Gacha Pop" playlist gained popularity, showing a twofold increase from the previous year.
  • Cameras & Optical Equipment: Compact digital cameras from the 2000s are popular, especially among people in their 20s who appreciate the retro image quality.

Popularity of Comic and Anime Goods

With the proliferation of streaming services, Japanese anime works have become global hits. Works like "Chainsaw Man" and "Chiikawa" are particularly popular in East Asia.

A New Phase in Cross-Border EC

The cross-border EC boom, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, is entering a new phase with the revival of inbound tourism. With the recovery of visitor numbers to Japan, overseas users have more opportunities to directly experience Japanese products and content, leading to the normalization of cross-border EC.


2023 was a year of diverse trends, including the increase in young and female users, the influence of the K-POP boom, and growing interest in retro products. The role of companies like AnyLogi will become increasingly important in the future development of the market.


AnyLogi offers the "AnyLogi" automated overseas shipping platform and supports cross-border EC. Utilizing the AnyMind Group's various locations and logistics network, it accelerates brands' overseas expansion. AnyLogi provides one-stop support for brands' international development, including operational support utilizing local e-commerce and marketing insights, as well as designing commercial and logistics bases.

AnyLogi has prepared numerous materials related to cross-border EC. If you are interested, please inquire about the following areas:

  • AnyMind Cross-Border EC Support
  • The EC Market in Southeast Asia
  • What is the Automated Overseas Shipping Platform AnyLogi?
  • Points to Note in Overseas Shipping

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