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Domestic E-commerceJun 6, 2024
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How to Start D2C and Choose Popular Online Shops

How to Start D2C and Choose Popular Online Shops

Lead paragraph (Introduction)

D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) is a business model where products are sold directly to consumers. This time, we will introduce the basic steps to start a D2C business and how to choose popular online shops.

1: Basic steps for D2C business

1.1: Creating a business plan

First, to succeed in a D2C business, you need a solid business plan. Identify your target market and analyze the needs and trends of that market in detail. Then, clearly define the products or services you will offer and develop a sales strategy and marketing plan based on that. This allows you to create a concrete action plan and clearly outline the path to achieving your goals.

1.2: Building the Supply Chain

Next, building the supply chain is crucial. Select the manufacturers or suppliers for your products and establish inventory management and logistics systems. By building an efficient supply chain, you can ensure a stable supply of products and enhance customer satisfaction. Additionally, it is important to plan for returns processing and customer support.

1.3: Establishing the Brand and Online Presence

In a D2C business, a strong brand and online presence are key to success. Build a brand identity and design and develop a website that reflects it. Furthermore, implementing a social media strategy to increase brand awareness is essential.

2: Popular online shopping platforms

2.1: Shopify

Shopify is chosen by many D2C businesses for its user-friendly interface and extensive functionality. It offers a wide range of themes and customization options, making it easy to find designs suitable for any brand. Additionally, Shopify supports integration with a variety of third-party apps, providing access to various features that help businesses grow.

2.2: BASE

BASE is a platform known for its ease of starting for free, which is appealing. It offers simple usability, allowing even beginners to easily set up an online shop. Additionally, it provides a variety of payment options, ensuring a convenient shopping experience for customers.


STORES is characterized by its easy setup tailored for beginners. It comes with powerful marketing tools that enable effective promotions. Furthermore, it offers affordable plans and a wide range of features, allowing businesses to expand while keeping costs down.

3: Points to Consider When Choosing a Platform

3.1: Business Scale and Growth Plan

When choosing a webshop platform, it's important to consider your business scale and growth plan. For small-scale businesses, simple and cost-effective platforms are suitable. However, as your business grows, scalability becomes crucial. Therefore, opting for a platform with high scalability is wise to accommodate expansion.

3.2: The type of product or service offered

The suitable platform varies depending on the type of products or services you intend to sell. For physical goods versus digital products, the required functionalities differ significantly. Therefore, it's crucial to choose a platform that aligns with each type accordingly. If you have specific needs, opt for a platform that can accommodate those requirements.

3.3: Cost and Budget

Finally, it's crucial to consider cost and budget. Compare initial costs and monthly fees to select the plan that best suits your business. Also, evaluate overall costs including transaction fees and additional feature expenses to choose the most suitable platform within your budget.


To succeed in D2C business, thorough planning and selecting the right platform are crucial. Choose a platform that best fits your business needs and strive for efficient operations.

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