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Domestic E-commerceJun 7, 2024
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Which shipping method is best for you?

Which shipping method is best for you?

This article introduces the various shipping options available in Japan and explains how to choose the best one for your business or personal needs. It compares the major shipping providers and their service features in terms of cost, speed, and reliability.

1. Major Japanese shipping companies and services

1.1 Yamato Transport

Service Name: TA-Q-BIN. Feature:Specialized Kagotainer* are used to reduce the risk of damage. Ideal for delivery of small packages and fragile goods.
Advantages:Delivery is available on weekends and national holidays, and can be made quickly to all parts of the country. In addition, with Cool TA-Q-BIN, frozen and refrigerated goods can be delivered with confidence.
Disadvantages: Rates are slightly higher than other companies. The use of Kagotainer may reduce the loading capacity.
*A Kagotainer is a transport cart (cart with a basket) that is surrounded by panels on three sides except for the opening.

1.2 Sagawa Express

Service Name: Hikyaku Express.
Features: Uses direct loading transportation, and excels in delivery of large packages. High loading rate.
Advantages: Good at delivering oversized packages, cost-effective. With "skip-the-line cool delivery" service, it can deliver perishable foods and other temperature-controlled goods.
Disadvantages: Slightly higher risk of damage to packages. Compared to Yamato Transport, there are fewer measures to prevent damage.

2. how to choose a delivery service

2.1 Low-cost delivery service

Click Post: For small and lightweight packages. Trackable and inexpensive. This service is similar to mail delivery and is suitable for delivery of documents and small items.
Smart Letter: Ideal for packages smaller than A5 size. Very inexpensive but not trackable. Suitable for delivery of letters and thin booklets.
Except regular mail: The most economical choice for packages weighing less than 100g. Rates are based on size and weight, and can be used for packages of various sizes.

2.2 Fast and reliable service

LetterPack: "LetterPack Plus" for face-to-face delivery and "LetterPack Light" for mailbox delivery; can handle packages up to 4 kg. With a flat rate nationwide and time-specified delivery times, it is convenient for delivery of business documents and valuables.
Yu-Pack: Trackable, reliable, and less expensive alternative to courier services. Flexible rate structure based on weight and size.

3. Services for special delivery needs

3.1 Frozen and refrigerated delivery

Yamato Transport's Cool Takkyubin: for delivery of frozen and refrigerated goods. It provides high quality cold chain infrastructure and is ideal for the delivery of perishable foods and medicines.
__Sagawa Express' Hikyaku Cool Delivery: Suitable for delivery of perishable foods and goods requiring temperature control. The quality control is well controlled and the goods can be delivered safely.

3.2 Cash on delivery service

Yamato Transport TA-Q-BIN Collect: Offers cash on delivery (COD) service and accepts cash, credit card, and electronic payment. It is popular as a reliable method of collecting payment in the mail-order business.
Sagawa Express Hikyaku Express Cash on Delivery: Similarly, Hikyaku Express offers a cash on delivery service, ideal for mail order businesses. It allows the buyer to choose the payment method, increasing customer satisfaction.


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