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Domestic E-commerceJun 20, 2024
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Yamato's "Yamato Okihatashi" offers a comfortable delivery experience.

Yamato's "Yamato Okihatashi" offers a comfortable delivery experience.


Yamato Transport's delivery service is a convenient delivery method tailored to the busy lifestyles of modern people.This article will explain in detail how to use the OTHIBURI service, its advantages, and points to note.

Overview of Oiryu Service

1: What is the Oiri-Hanbai Service?

The Oiri-Delivery Service is a non-personal package pickup method offered by Yamato Transport. This service, which requires registration as a Kuroneko Members member, reduces redeliveries and contributes to logistics efficiency by placing packages at designated locations. The recipient can flexibly choose the location to receive the package, such as in front of the front door, in a delivery box, or in a garage, according to the recipient's convenience.

2: How to use the Oiri-Delivery service

You can select the pickup method from "Scheduled Delivery Notification" of Kuroneko Members. After the delivery is completed, you can check an e-mail with a photo of the location where the package was placed for your peace of mind! The pickup location must be properly selected in case of inclement weather or safety concerns.

Advantages of Overnight Delivery Service

1: Reduction of redelivery

The use of a delivery service eliminates the need for re-delivery and improves logistics efficiency. This service is especially convenient for busy families or those who are often away from home during the day.

2: Security and privacy protection

Personal information on the delivery slip is protected by a two-dimensional code, reducing the risk of personal information leaks. A photo confirmation function at the time of delivery ensures that the package is received without fail.

Points to keep in mind when using the OSDA service

1: Designate a secure pickup location

To prevent theft or damage to packages, you must designate a location that is secluded and unaffected by the elements. Please note that theft or damage of baggage after left-behind delivery is not covered by the compensation.

2: Restrictions on Service Use

Oitai Delivery Service is not available for some delivery methods, such as Cool Ta-Q-Bin and Ta-Q-Bin Collect. In apartment complexes with automatic locks, the method of pickup must be specified in accordance with management regulations.


Yamato Transport's delivery service is a convenient and efficient way to receive packages.It is an excellent service in terms of reducing redeliveries and protecting privacy, but it is important to designate a safe pickup location when using this service.We hope you will take advantage of this service to create a pleasant delivery experience.

Introduction to AnyLogi

AnyLogi is a logistics platform that provides total support for domestic and international logistics, seamlessly integrating with Shopify and a variety of other e-commerce carts and malls to support your logistics needs.We also provide forwarding and import/export services using our local delivery network with logistics bases both domestically and internationally.We can provide same-day quotations at the earliest.Please feel free to contact us first.

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