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TipsOct 5, 2023
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Essential for those wanting to gain knowledge in logistics! Top 5 recommended logistics news sites

Essential for those wanting to gain knowledge in logistics! Top 5 recommended logistics news sites


  • Overview: ECC LABO is an information media specialized in the EC industry, introducing the latest EC technologies, marketing strategies, and success stories. The site also features interviews with EC-related service providers and experts, making it a valuable resource for deepening practical knowledge.
  • Link: Visit ECC LABO's website

2. AQCG (アクシグ)

  • Overview: AQCG is a media focused on the latest information and trends in the logistics industry. It features the evolution of technology, innovative initiatives in the logistics industry, and columns and explanatory articles by experts, providing valuable information for industry stakeholders and business people dealing with logistics.
  • Link: Visit AQCG's website

3. Commerce Pick (コマースピック)

  • Overview: Commerce Pick is a media that primarily provides the latest news and topics in the EC and logistics industry. It covers industry trends, new technologies, introductions of services, and information on related events and seminars, offering a wide range of content.
  • Link: Visit Commerce Pick's website

4. Stream Rental Dot Com Shop Edition (ストリームレンタルドットコム ショップ版)

  • Overview: This service is specialized in creating online shops and EC carts. It evaluates online shop creation services, compares various companies, highlights recommended points, and provides useful campaign information. Additionally, it offers know-how on starting an online shop, registering with actual online shop creation services, and delivers market research and the latest trends related to EC.
  • Link: Visit Stream Rental Dot Com Shop Edition

5. Product Sales Lab

  • Overview: "Product Sales Lab is a media platform operated by Regalo Corporation, which offers support services for e-commerce businesses. It provides a range of topics related to e-commerce and logistics, from the latest news to educational content, and interviews with experts."
  • Link: 物販ラボ

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