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TipsOct 6, 2023
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Thinking about creating skills and business models for the upcoming era

Thinking about creating skills and business models for the upcoming era

In the wake of the novel coronavirus, society as a whole has experienced significant changes. Especially in the world of business, unprecedented new business models have emerged one after another. In this article, we introduce three recommended media outlets that provide information on entrepreneurship and business.

  1. 500mails
    A media outlet that provides information on entrepreneurship and side businesses. It covers a wide range of topics, including setting up and operating online shops, creation tools, importing and reselling, procurement and wholesale site information, and methods of entrepreneurship using SNS promotions. 起業・副業を支援するWebメディア 500mails

  2. Digital Transformation Window
    The "Digital Transformation Window" is an introduction service that helps companies find the best IT products and services for them by clearly explaining the features and selection methods of IT products. デジタル化の窓口

  3. Craudia
    An integrated crowdsourcing service operated by Mflow Corporation. In an era where work style reforms are promoted, and individual work styles and lifestyles are diversifying, it is being developed as one of the services that cater to various lifestyles, such as freelancing, side jobs, and multiple jobs. クラウディア(Craudia)

These media outlets provide the latest information and tips on new business models and entrepreneurship. To adapt to the business transformations of the new era and pursue success, it is essential to continuously acquire the latest information and keep learning. By utilizing the media mentioned above, you can gain the knowledge and ideas that will lead to business success.

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