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AnyLogi UpdateMay 22, 2024
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AnyLogi Becomes Hakopit's Partner

AnyLogi Becomes Hakopit's Partner

We are pleased to announce that AnyLogi has become an official partner of Hakopit, a leading international logistics service provider. In this article, we will introduce the scope of Hakopit's services and the benefits of using them.

Section 1: About Hakopit

Overview of Hakopit

Hakopit is an international logistics service for small and medium-sized enterprises provided by SWF GROUP, headquartered in the UK and the Netherlands. It specializes in transportation to Europe, North America, and various regions in Asia.

Service Offerings

Hakopit offers a wide range of services:

  • International Courier: Door-to-door rapid delivery.
  • Air Freight: Handling cargo over 70kg with smooth customs procedures.
  • Sea Freight: Handling from pallet units to container units, including temperature-controlled cargo.
  • Emergency Transport: Rapid hand-carry services and NFO.
  • Warehousing Services: Providing warehousing services in Japan, the UK, the Netherlands, and other locations, accommodating various temperature ranges.

Section 2: Benefits of Using Hakopit

Cost-Effective Services

By leveraging the purchasing power of SWF GROUP, Hakopit offers air and sea space at low prices. The simple pricing structure eliminates additional costs such as fuel surcharges and peak season surcharges, providing significant cost benefits for Japanese SMEs.

Reliable and Trustworthy Support

Even first-time importers and exporters can receive clear and understandable support. Consistent operations worldwide and Japanese-language customer support ensure the same quality of service regardless of location, allowing for a secure experience.


The partnership between AnyLogi and Hakopit will make your international logistics smoother and more cost-effective. Utilize Hakopit's extensive services and comprehensive support to further optimize your international logistics. Please feel free to contact us and take advantage of this opportunity.

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