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Cross-border E-commerceDec 20, 2023
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Compensation Amount for Damages: Definition and Detailed Explanation

Compensation Amount for Damages: Definition and Detailed Explanation

Compensation Amount for Damages: An Essential System for International Mail and Courier Services"

This system plays a crucial role when using international postal services or couriers. It compensates the sender for damages incurred due to loss or damage of the package. Let's delve into the specifics and mechanics of the compensation amount for damages.

Definition of Compensation Amount for Damages

The compensation amount for damages is a system provided by postal and courier services (e.g., EMS, DHL) that compensates the actual amount of damage within the range of the value declared by the sender, in cases where the package is lost or damaged.

In the Case of EMS

  • For EMS, the compensation amount for damages up to 20,000 yen is free.
  • For amounts exceeding 20,000 yen, an additional fee of 50 yen is required for every 20,000 yen.
  • Maximum Amount: The maximum compensation amount for EMS is 2 million yen.


For details regarding UPS's compensation, please contact UPS directly. UPS Customer Service Center (0120-27-1040)


Details on DHL's compensation can be found here (DHL Optional Services page).

The waybill will be printed as follows:

For FedEx

Details on FedEx's compensation can be found here.


The compensation amount for damages is an important system to cover risks during the transportation of packages. Understanding and utilizing this system properly ensures the safe transportation of packages and prepares for unforeseen circumstances. When sending packages, consider setting a compensation amount for damages for peace of mind.

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