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Cross-border E-commerceOct 11, 2023
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What product will be popular in Thailand five years from now?

What product will be popular in Thailand five years from now?

Daily Internet Usage Time of Internet Users in Thailand

The average daily internet usage time for Thai citizens is said to be 6 hours, which is 1.6 times more than the 3 hours and 45 minutes of the Japanese population. Additionally, the rate of internet browsing via smartphones stands at 85.5%, which is exceptionally high, leading to a high rate of using e-commerce sites through smartphones.

Thai E-commerce Market Sales

According to a 2016 survey by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), the sales of e-commerce in various product categories were substantial. The highest sales were recorded in the food and beverage sector (165.5 billion baht, approximately 4.6 billion dollars). Following closely was the cosmetics and supplements sector (143.2 billion baht), with these two sectors accounting for over 40% of the B2C market as a whole. Other categories included electronics (55 billion baht), clothing and accessories (46.9 billion baht), and sports equipment (34.7 billion baht), reflecting consumer preferences. Particularly noteworthy is the substantial growth of the food sector, which saw a 62.0% increase in market size compared to 2015.

As of July 2023, popular products on the EC mall "Shopee" in Thailand include electronics, cosmetics, food, entertainment, and maternity products, among others, offering a diverse range of options.

Potential Growth in Maternity Products in 5 Years?

In recent years, Thailand has started to enhance its childcare support system. In 2019, amendments were made to the childcare support system, resulting in the following changes:

  • Increase in childbirth allowance: The childbirth allowance was raised from the previous 10,000 baht to 13,000 baht.
  • Expansion of health insurance for mothers: Health insurance for mothers, covering medical expenses for prenatal check-ups and postnatal care, was expanded.
  • Introduction of parental leave: Mothers are entitled to 98 days of parental leave, including before and after childbirth, while fathers are granted 7 days of leave. Additionally, postnatal parental leave can be shared between mothers and fathers.
  • Expansion of childcare centers: The amendments promote the establishment of childcare centers catering to children aged 0 to 3.

Furthermore, as of 2020, the segment with an annual income exceeding 3.8 million yen accounted for only 5% of the population. However, it is predicted that by 2030, this number will triple to approximately 16%. Thai incomes are increasing by 3-4% annually, and not only in Bangkok but also in the promising rural areas, overall income is expected to rise.

Given these factors, it is likely that the sales of maternity products, in particular, will see an increase. In fact, Japanese diaper products are being sold by accounts that are not official distributors, suggesting that a test market for such products may yield surprisingly positive results.

In the future, AnyLogi will continue to provide information in a casual manner based on our research. We hope that our information can be of assistance to everyone engaged in cross-border e-commerce.

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