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Domestic E-commerceJun 5, 2024
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How will the 2024 problem actually affect us? Future logistics will be explained!

How will the 2024 problem actually affect us? Future logistics will be explained!


Many people are concerned about the impact of the "Year 2024 Problem," which will take effect in April 2024, on the logistics industry. In this blog, we provide an overview of the 2024 Issue, its impact, and the challenges facing the logistics industry.

Overview of the 2024 Issue

1: What is the 2024 problem?

The 2024 issue refers to the cap on overtime hours for motor vehicle driving operations set by the Workplace Workplace Reform Law.Specifically, truck drivers' overtime hours will be limited to 960 hours per year starting in April 2024.This regulation is an important measure to improve the working environment in the logistics industry, but at the same time it is expected to have a significant impact on the industry.

2: Impact of Upper Limit Regulation

Reduced transportation capacity: Truck drivers' limited work hours will significantly reduce transportation capacity.This can cause delays in the transportation of goods. Increased costs: Labor hour restrictions can increase a company's costs by necessitating the hiring of additional drivers. Decreased quality of service: It may be more difficult to provide prompt service, especially for same-day or next-day deliveries.

Challenges facing the logistics industry

1: Labor Shortage and Aging Population

The logistics industry is already facing a serious labor shortage and an aging driver population.The percentage of younger drivers is low, and there are concerns that the labor shortage will become even more serious as older drivers continue to retire.

2: Expansion of EC market

With the expansion of the e-commerce market, logistics volumes are increasing.In particular, the field of sales of food and clothing is growing rapidly, increasing the demand for logistics providers.However, due to a shortage of labor, they are unable to cope with the increased workload.

Solutions and Responses

1: Improved working environment

Reduction of waiting time: Shippers and truck operators cooperate to reduce waiting time by introducing reservation systems and reviewing shipping and receiving systems. Reduction of workload: Reducing manual handling work by palletization and improving operational efficiency through DX (Digital Transformation) are important.

2: White Logistics Promotion

The government is promoting a "modal shift" from truck transportation to rail and ship, which emit less CO2, as well as "joint warehousing" and "joint delivery" in which multiple companies share warehousing and delivery operations.This will improve the efficiency of the entire logistics industry.


The 2024 problem is an important issue that will have a major impact on the logistics industry.However, shippers and truck operators can overcome this issue by working together to improve the working environment and efficiency. anyLogi provides the best solutions to the challenges of the logistics industry and supports your logistics.Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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