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Domestic E-commerceOct 11, 2023
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NekoPos being discontinued!? What will be the delivery times, and what's the future?

NekoPos being discontinued!? What will be the delivery times, and what's the future?

Why Did Japan Post and Yamato Transport Choose Collaboration?

While various reasons could be considered, the significant increase in logistics volume due to the prominent growth of the e-commerce business, which has continued since the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need to prepare for the year 2024 appear to be the main factors. So, what's going to change?

Kuroneko DM-Bin to "Kuroneko Yu-mail (tentative name)"

Kuroneko DM-Bin services will end on January 31, 2024. A new service called "Kuroneko Yu-mail (tentative name)," which integrates with Japan Post's "Yu-mail," will be handled by Yamato Transport. As a result, parcels deposited with Yamato Transport will be delivered to Japan Post's receiving regional division offices and will be delivered through Japan Post's distribution network.

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NekoPos to "Kuroneko Yu-packet (tentative name)"

Yamato Transport's "NekoPos" service will gradually be discontinued starting from October 2023, primarily in regional areas. Already, it is transitioning to "Kuroneko Yu-packet (tentative name)," a new service utilizing "Yu-packet" and will be delivered by Japan Post, similar to regular mail. The "NekoPos" service will be gradually scaled down, with the goal of making the new service available in all regions by the end of the 2024 fiscal year.

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How Much Impact Will This Have?

One significant change is an additional day in delivery times. Previously, many areas enjoyed next-day delivery, but with the service changes, the shortest delivery time will be two days. The added processing time results from Yamato Transport collecting parcels and handing them over to Japan Post.

Particularly, for companies with a local presence handling their own deliveries, it's expected that inquiries from customers and the workload associated with logistics will continue to increase. In this regard, our logistics outsourcing service offers the option to ship for as low as ¥410 for NekoPos, including material costs. Feel free to reach out to us here.

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