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AnyLogi NewsOct 20, 2023
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Our service, "AnyLogi" has been featured on "EC no Mikata

Our service, "AnyLogi" has been featured on "EC no Mikata

Hello! We are excited to announce that our service, "AnyLogi," has been extensively featured on the EC industry information site "EC no Mikata." The article is titled "What is 'AnyLogi,' a platform that automates complex overseas shipping tasks?"


The cross-border EC market is predicted to grow to 4.82 trillion US dollars by 2026. However, there are significant challenges, such as complying with overseas shipping regulations and tariffs. To address these issues, our company, AnyMind Group, launched "AnyLogi."

Founded in Singapore in 2016, AnyMind Group now has a presence in 13 countries and regions, primarily in Asia. We specialize in developing and offering unique platforms centered around EC (D2C) marketing. In June 2021, we began providing the logistics management platform "AnyLogi" for D2C and EC businesses.

The article highlights the unique features and strengths of our service, such as AnyLogi's overseas shipping automation function and the special shipping discount resulting from our collaboration with UPS.

Even for businesses with no expertise in cross-border EC, they can confidently get started with the support of AnyMind. Our goal is to ensure the smooth success of cross-border EC, and we are continuously striving towards that end.

If you're interested, we encourage you to read the article on "EC no Mikata." We will continue our efforts to enhance "AnyLogi" and provide an even better service. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and patronage.

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