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AnyLogi UpdateOct 31, 2023
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AnyLogi Introduces New Feature "Automated Shipping Information Translation"

AnyLogi Introduces New Feature "Automated Shipping Information Translation"

The overseas shipping automation platform "AnyLogi" has introduced a new feature! Let me give you an overview of it.

Feature Highlights

"AnyLogi" has introduced a new feature called "Shipping Information Automatic Translation" in collaboration with ChatGPT and API. This feature automatically translates shipping address details, names, and other information for international shipments into English. By using this feature, shipping information written in any language can be automatically translated into English and reflected on shipping labels and commercial invoices, significantly reducing the time spent on translation.

Background of the Feature

Many shipping companies only support English on their shipping labels and commercial invoices. As a result, brands and e-commerce businesses had to manually translate non-English shipping information into English. For non-English speakers, entering addresses in English was challenging and posed a risk of errors. To address these challenges, we launched this new feature using ChatGPT to automatically translate shipping addresses into English.

Benefits of Implementation

Brands and e-commerce businesses no longer need to manually translate each shipping address, saving a significant amount of time. This reduces the errors that can arise from manual translations. For example, the Japanese place name "一戸 (Ichinohe)" is translated as "one household" by typical translation services. However, with this feature, it is accurately translated as "Ichinohe."

AnyLogi's "Shipping Information Automatic Translation" feature supports brands and e-commerce businesses in effortlessly and seamlessly expanding their cross-border e-commerce operations. Stay tuned for further developments!

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